((Vacuum Cleaner Turned Backpack))

Wearing my backpack.
This is my amazing new backpack/casemod: a -used to be- vacuum cleaner with shoulder straps and some room for stuff on the inside.

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Void III

The Void III VFG
An experiment with alternative materials for a Void Field Generator (VFG). This is a mobile unit, which, much to our surprise has been very successful at generating Void Fields. It was on display in Berlin on 2010-12-02.

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Void II

The second prototype of a Void Field Generator (VFG). This piece did a much better job at generating the Void Field. It has been shown in Berlin on the evening of 2010-10-16. Because the Void Field generated by this prototype grew much faster than originally anticipated it had to be deactivated after a few hours.

Here is a video recorded by a visitor:

Void I

Void I, Berlin 2009-09-26
This was the first prototype of a Void Field Generator (VFG). Pictures are from a public presentation in Berlin on 2009-09-26.


Ein Pfund Pixel
Ein Pfund Pixel bitte.
Sonst noch was?
Danke, das ist alles.
Macht dann zwei drei├čig.

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